finishing touches

Make-up and hair.  The final touches to the ultimate outfit.  For most girls it is the make-up and hair that can truly make or break an outfit.  There have been many cases in the fashion world where a perfect outfit has been overshadowed by a disastrous finishing touch with hair and make-up. This season there are several different hair trends depending on personal preference:

1. Long hair style: Double hair knot

There’s been a fixation of late for hair trends for long hair to have an effortless appeal to them: the double hair knot hair trend builds on that appeal. As simple as it sounds, this is a hair trend that can be worn in autumn (fall) / winter seasons along with the year’s spring / summer seasons.

2. Hair cut: bob with bangs (medium length) or pixie crop (short length)

The bob is back, is reinterpreted and is re-imagined. Yes, it last with us only a few short years ago, but the haircut is longer and sports a fringe / bangs. The bob is softer and more retro-inspired, having been infused with a 60s backcombing and a 70s soft, rounded shape.

Recently hair trends have moved in three year cycles, and it’s no different for this year’s hair trends. Hence we see yet another evolution of this pixie crop short hair style as it reverts to the same short length that was last popular in 2007.

3. Hair color: Red

Deserving of its own dedicated article, redheads are the new bombshells. Being a rare hair color puts redheads into their own exclusive group; but that doesn’t mean you can’t join them. Seen throughout history as everything from fiery warriors to seductive maidens, red haired beauties have plenty of ongoing appeal.

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