Wrap it Up

So now that this outfit has several layers to it, it is time to ‘wrap it’ all together.  A great way to bring a bunch of layers into one complete piece is belts!

These belts were a great steal.  With a 25% off promotion, I got the set of three for only $8.50.  In the picture on the left you can really see the different textures that coordinate well together with out being too ‘matchy-matchy’.  These also don’t really follow the vintage inspiration like the rest of the outfit.  This gives the outfit a more modern twist to avoid looking like a complete blast from the past.  Another great thing to try is pops of color in the accessories.  This will also give the outfit a more modern twist so you aren’t completely drenched in vintage! Stick with skinny belts when attempting this look.  The thin belt gives contrast to the bulky sweater it is around.

[[want to take this look a step farther?]] If you find your outfit is in need of a little color, a belt is the perfect way to bring in a splash. Bold, saturated hues are still hot this season as well, and wearing these bright colors in moderation and combined with the dark layered look is sure to stop people in their tracks. Rich purples and teals look particularly fabulous against black and charcoal. The brighter the color you use, the skinnier the belt should be. Though the colors are bright, this season’s styles are more subtle! (from “The Hottest Women’s Belt Trends for Fall” by Rhonda Greene)

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