Ring it up!

So for those that don’t really know me there are two major loves in my fashion life.  One, shoes (which should be obvious from the first post), and two, accessories – specifically rings.  I was out shopping the other day and I stumbled upon this fabulous ring…

Most people believe that accessories are the last thing that should be shopped for when completing an outfit, but I think by now most people know that I don’t always operate in a ‘normal’ manner.  So anyways, I usually try to get my jewelry from a wide range of  places so that it doesn’t get boring, and so I can find unique pieces.  When I started this ultimate outfit search I kind of had in the back of my head the idea of going to a thrift shop to get some good vintage pieces, but when I say this at Charlotte Russe (for only $4 might I add), I just knew that I must get it.  Another great place to look for some vintage jewelry is mom and grandma’s closets.  There truly is no better way to go vintage than with authentic pieces from the past.

[[want to take this look a step farther?]] When it comes to Autumn / Fall 2010 wear rings. Lots of them. Embellish your rings with fingers like it’s nobody’s business. And don’t be afraid to let them creep up your wrists. And that is perhaps one of the ways to imagine it: as you’d wear an excessive amount of bracelets on a wrist, so should you wear rings on your fingers. (www.fashionising.com)


photo from fashionising.com

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