Lovely Lace

So my last check-in introduced the vintage inspired lace up booties that I fell in love with while out shopping.  Today is a little bit of a different story though because I located my next ensemble piece not in a store, but in my very own closet.  A winter white lace shirt to be exact.  Now although many trends tend to fade out fairly quickly, lace has stuck in there for a quite a few seasons, cementing itself rather firmly in the fashion scene.  Unlike past seasons, however, the lace influences for spring 2010 are more on the classic side.  This can be done by utilizing quality antique-style fabrics, which tend to have a thicker stick pattern and less stretch.

The main message for today is to not be afraid of shopping in your own closet for staple pieces and items that can be “repurposed” to fit the current seasons trends.

[[want to take this look a step farther?]] when it comes to lace for this fall, it all comes down to how you wear it.  Being unique is the real key to making lace a success.  In past seasons lace was an adornment to garments, but this season it is all about lace being the garment.  Introduce the lace dress and lace skirt.  Be bold and dare to wear lace with no slip underneath, and to keep the right balance (being mindful not to look overly suggestive) go longer with the length and wear modest under garments! 

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