shoe addiction!

The slate was blank as this first shopping trip began.  I had no idea what kind of style I wanted for this outfit or which piece I was going to start with.  But, much to my surprise gold beams of light began to shine as if illuminating a holy beacon from the shoe rack at the first store I entered.  I was immediately drawn to a pair of black lace up booties and I just knew this was it, and my life was now complete.  Okay, well my life really wasn’t complete because I still had a whole outfit to go, but I now knew what direction I was going to go – a modern twist on vintage. And trust me I know what everyone is thinking, this girl has issues if shoes fill the void in her soul.  It is true, however, shoes are my fix.  For most, the final touch would be finding the right shoe to match the outfit, but my mind seems to take a different angle than most.  Shoes, for me, are the ultimate make it or break it for an outfit – can you say addiction.

For the fall, both boots and their miniature counterparts, booties, are a great way to transform your look from boring to fashion forward.

[[want to take this look a step farther?]] for all of those who watch the cat walk closely here is another trend to match with those heeled booties you just bought – wear socks with those heels.  The knee-high sock is already familiar to most as a fashion trend, but for 2010 it is all about the mid-calf and ankle socks.  For those with long slim legs and defined ankles, bunch the sock around the ankle right about the top of the heel.  For all the other women out there who weren’t so blessed with a model figure, don’t be afraid of this trend.  Try leaving the sock a loosely bunched and use a light fabric sock. (

And here is the moment you have all been waiting for (maybe?!)…

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