finishing touches

Make-up and hair.  The final touches to the ultimate outfit.  For most girls it is the make-up and hair that can truly make or break an outfit.  There have been many cases in the fashion world where a perfect outfit has been overshadowed by a disastrous finishing touch with hair and make-up. This season there are several different hair trends depending on personal preference:

1. Long hair style: Double hair knot

There’s been a fixation of late for hair trends for long hair to have an effortless appeal to them: the double hair knot hair trend builds on that appeal. As simple as it sounds, this is a hair trend that can be worn in autumn (fall) / winter seasons along with the year’s spring / summer seasons.

2. Hair cut: bob with bangs (medium length) or pixie crop (short length)

The bob is back, is reinterpreted and is re-imagined. Yes, it last with us only a few short years ago, but the haircut is longer and sports a fringe / bangs. The bob is softer and more retro-inspired, having been infused with a 60s backcombing and a 70s soft, rounded shape.

Recently hair trends have moved in three year cycles, and it’s no different for this year’s hair trends. Hence we see yet another evolution of this pixie crop short hair style as it reverts to the same short length that was last popular in 2007.

3. Hair color: Red

Deserving of its own dedicated article, redheads are the new bombshells. Being a rare hair color puts redheads into their own exclusive group; but that doesn’t mean you can’t join them. Seen throughout history as everything from fiery warriors to seductive maidens, red haired beauties have plenty of ongoing appeal.

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the boyfriend jean (look on the bright side, they can’t talk back)

For those of you that have read my previous post, you will know that there will no longer be actual photos of the outfit pieces posted.  I will try my best to post photos from online that closely resemble those I have purchased.

The skinny boyfriend jean.  An outstanding marriage between relaxed and comfortable, and sexy and flattering.  These jeans provide a great contrast with the feminine look of vintage inspired clothing.  The cuffed hem also provides a great frame for heels and booties, like the lace ups in my first post.  These jeans are a must for fall! They can be dressed up with a nice shirt and some heels or played down for more casual occasions with a simple tee and some strappy sandals. Play with different denim washes to change the vibe of an outfit.

[[make sure to get this look right]]

TIP ONE – Use Celebrities as Inspiration.  Flip through magazines, YouTube videos, and celebrity blogs to see that this trend is really catching on all over the place. All you have to do is find the celebrity that matches your personal style, and match your pairings with the kinds of pairings that you see with celebrities. Use similar accessories and matching to create unique but similar outfits that coincide with today’s trends.

TIP TWO – Use Balance. Boyfriend jeans are intentionally slouchy and roomy, and this makes for a very comfortable wear. If you are not used to this however, you want to watch your balance when matching your co-ordinates. You don’t want your whole look to be slouchy and roomy, so pair with fitted tops and snug tees that match your body type. One top you want to avoid with the boyfriend is anything with an empire waist as this will definitely add some instant weight to your overall look.

TIP THREE – There is Magic in the Roll. If you don’t roll your cuffs well, you’ll look like one of those fashionistas that tries too hard, and honey, you don’t want that. Your cuff needs to reach right above the ankle, and you can make this either dressy or casual. If you want to look a little more slouchy and casual, you want to roll at least three times, and if you want a dressier look, never more than once.

TIP FOUR – Any Shoe Goes.  So yes girls, you may be manning up your look with the boyfriend jean, but you can girl it down with a saucy pair of heels. So break out the spikes and show off those gorgeous ankles of yours. And if you don’t want to go with heels, no worries. Ballet flats, sandals, sneakers, anything goes here. There isn’t any shoe that will pair poorly with these jeans.

(tips from

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bad news update

Unfortunately, my camera has recently call it quits on me 😦 Typical for my luck.  I am looking to replace my old fossil of a camera with a new Nikon D300o, but since I am on a college student budget this will not be a quick investment.  So until that day I will no longer be able to post pictures of the “real” item that was purchased.  Instead I will try to post a similar item from online; however, I know this will not have the same effect.

Thanks for understanding.



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Wrap it Up

So now that this outfit has several layers to it, it is time to ‘wrap it’ all together.  A great way to bring a bunch of layers into one complete piece is belts!

These belts were a great steal.  With a 25% off promotion, I got the set of three for only $8.50.  In the picture on the left you can really see the different textures that coordinate well together with out being too ‘matchy-matchy’.  These also don’t really follow the vintage inspiration like the rest of the outfit.  This gives the outfit a more modern twist to avoid looking like a complete blast from the past.  Another great thing to try is pops of color in the accessories.  This will also give the outfit a more modern twist so you aren’t completely drenched in vintage! Stick with skinny belts when attempting this look.  The thin belt gives contrast to the bulky sweater it is around.

[[want to take this look a step farther?]] If you find your outfit is in need of a little color, a belt is the perfect way to bring in a splash. Bold, saturated hues are still hot this season as well, and wearing these bright colors in moderation and combined with the dark layered look is sure to stop people in their tracks. Rich purples and teals look particularly fabulous against black and charcoal. The brighter the color you use, the skinnier the belt should be. Though the colors are bright, this season’s styles are more subtle! (from “The Hottest Women’s Belt Trends for Fall” by Rhonda Greene)

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Beware of Layers!

With the season changing and the cold breeze starting to settle in, Fall is a great time to break out the layers!  For this vintage look I am going for I decided to go with the blazer look.  I know that this is NOT one of the hot fashion trends of the season, but it is a staple for any wardrobe.  It is classic and simply irreplaceable.  And for only $10 it just seemed to be an offer that couldn’t be passed up.

And like most things in life, blazers come in many different sizes, shapes, and styles.  This blazer I thought the knit cotton fabric used for this blazer brought a casual, unique twist on the traditional blazer.  For a more formal look or occasion it may be more suitable to go with the traditional structured blazer.  But don’t be afraid to mix formal blazers in to a casual outfit by balancing it out with light wash jeans or a t-shirt.

[[want to take this look a step farther?]] Another way to do layers this season is to bundle up with military inspired coats. Yes, military remains a trend for Autumn / Fall 2010 but not as you’ve previously come to know it. Following on from Spring 2010 the women’s military trend turns away from the pomp and ceremony of military inspired clothing we’ve become accustomed to, and takes its cues from 20th Century military uniforms. From army green to shearling lined boots, it’s now a trend that’s far more subtle but no less appealing. (

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Ring it up!

So for those that don’t really know me there are two major loves in my fashion life.  One, shoes (which should be obvious from the first post), and two, accessories – specifically rings.  I was out shopping the other day and I stumbled upon this fabulous ring…

Most people believe that accessories are the last thing that should be shopped for when completing an outfit, but I think by now most people know that I don’t always operate in a ‘normal’ manner.  So anyways, I usually try to get my jewelry from a wide range of  places so that it doesn’t get boring, and so I can find unique pieces.  When I started this ultimate outfit search I kind of had in the back of my head the idea of going to a thrift shop to get some good vintage pieces, but when I say this at Charlotte Russe (for only $4 might I add), I just knew that I must get it.  Another great place to look for some vintage jewelry is mom and grandma’s closets.  There truly is no better way to go vintage than with authentic pieces from the past.

[[want to take this look a step farther?]] When it comes to Autumn / Fall 2010 wear rings. Lots of them. Embellish your rings with fingers like it’s nobody’s business. And don’t be afraid to let them creep up your wrists. And that is perhaps one of the ways to imagine it: as you’d wear an excessive amount of bracelets on a wrist, so should you wear rings on your fingers. (


photo from

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Lovely Lace

So my last check-in introduced the vintage inspired lace up booties that I fell in love with while out shopping.  Today is a little bit of a different story though because I located my next ensemble piece not in a store, but in my very own closet.  A winter white lace shirt to be exact.  Now although many trends tend to fade out fairly quickly, lace has stuck in there for a quite a few seasons, cementing itself rather firmly in the fashion scene.  Unlike past seasons, however, the lace influences for spring 2010 are more on the classic side.  This can be done by utilizing quality antique-style fabrics, which tend to have a thicker stick pattern and less stretch.

The main message for today is to not be afraid of shopping in your own closet for staple pieces and items that can be “repurposed” to fit the current seasons trends.

[[want to take this look a step farther?]] when it comes to lace for this fall, it all comes down to how you wear it.  Being unique is the real key to making lace a success.  In past seasons lace was an adornment to garments, but this season it is all about lace being the garment.  Introduce the lace dress and lace skirt.  Be bold and dare to wear lace with no slip underneath, and to keep the right balance (being mindful not to look overly suggestive) go longer with the length and wear modest under garments! 

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shoe addiction!

The slate was blank as this first shopping trip began.  I had no idea what kind of style I wanted for this outfit or which piece I was going to start with.  But, much to my surprise gold beams of light began to shine as if illuminating a holy beacon from the shoe rack at the first store I entered.  I was immediately drawn to a pair of black lace up booties and I just knew this was it, and my life was now complete.  Okay, well my life really wasn’t complete because I still had a whole outfit to go, but I now knew what direction I was going to go – a modern twist on vintage. And trust me I know what everyone is thinking, this girl has issues if shoes fill the void in her soul.  It is true, however, shoes are my fix.  For most, the final touch would be finding the right shoe to match the outfit, but my mind seems to take a different angle than most.  Shoes, for me, are the ultimate make it or break it for an outfit – can you say addiction.

For the fall, both boots and their miniature counterparts, booties, are a great way to transform your look from boring to fashion forward.

[[want to take this look a step farther?]] for all of those who watch the cat walk closely here is another trend to match with those heeled booties you just bought – wear socks with those heels.  The knee-high sock is already familiar to most as a fashion trend, but for 2010 it is all about the mid-calf and ankle socks.  For those with long slim legs and defined ankles, bunch the sock around the ankle right about the top of the heel.  For all the other women out there who weren’t so blessed with a model figure, don’t be afraid of this trend.  Try leaving the sock a loosely bunched and use a light fabric sock. (

And here is the moment you have all been waiting for (maybe?!)…

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Hot Off the Runway: Fall 2010 Trend Report

It’s that time of year again, the leaves are falling and the temperatures are dropping, and the smell of fall is in the air.  Okay, well maybe not since here in Raleigh, North Carolina it is still in the 90’s! But luckily, air-conditioned stores are still on board with the fall trends that waltzed down the runway this year.

One thing that I am pretty successful at is online shopping – most of the time “browser shopping” aka just looking! Most of the time, however, the fun of shopping comes when you can find a bargain on a piece that is just like the designer pieces that are featured in all the magazines. is one of the best websites to get ideas for fashion looks.  So, it isn’t to surprising that at the beginning of the fall season I turned to’s Fashion Reports for the hottest trends.

And, here are a few of my favorite for the fall season.

\\Fifties Something// Cleavage made a, um, big comeback on the fall runways, with hourglass silhouettes front and center. Nina Ricci’s combo of bustier and curve hugging, below-the-knee pencil skirt had a retro 1950’s twist, as did the made-for-Christina Hendricks dresses at Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana. At Prada, meanwhile, Lara Stone and co. made the case that curvy catwalkers should be more than just a novelty.


\\Fur Real (Faux, Too)// The Fall runway shows wrapped up without a single documented PETA-sponsored prank. Ironic, considering how many pelts decorated the catwalks. They came patchworked at Fendi and Acne, positively ferocious at Lanvin, and in the form of an ultra-plush peacoat at Burberry Prorsum. But leave it to Karl Lagerfeld to have the last laugh. At Chanel, everything from the house’s classic tweeds and quilted, chain-strap bags to yeti boots was trimmed in fur—faux fur, that is.

Bottega Veneta

\\Hue New// The way to wear color this fall: head to toe, believe it or not. Tomas Maier sleekly paired a rosy blouse with red leather trousers, while Tory Burch showed an orange sweater and skirt with matching lipstick and leggings. On the cooler end: Oscar de la Renta’s blue tweed suit with coordinating checkered tights, and a bodacious, bright purple frock and leggings combo at Mark Fast. Turns out “matchy-matchy” is now a compliment.

A.F. Vandevorst

\\Man Up// There’s a running joke that people join the fashion industry because they can’t cope with corporate dress codes. Well, the laugh is on us this season. Menswear-inspired suiting and outerwear are key looks—and the smartest way to carry the minimalist trend forward. Celine’s Phoebe Philo made a convincing argument for cropped, ankle-flaring trousers, and even Alexander Wang did a tailored wool jacket, albeit with an exposed midriff that might get you canned on Wall Street.

Antonio Berardi

After going through the trend report I just keep thinking about all the possible combinations that could be combined for the ULTIMATE FALL OUTFIT. So, here is the challenge I have put before myself…create an amazing outfit that represents the fall fashions seen at fashion week on a reasonable BUDGET.

This may be a struggle, but here…we…go!

[Images and Information from]

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